About Us

Lakeland Valet was established in 2016. We are proud to be a privately and locally owned company, with 30 years of combined experience in Lakeland, FL. We are an innovative and forward-thinking company in the high-end automotive area. The first and only parking and total steam detailing company in Polk County. Starting out as an event parking company specializing in valet service, we have provided valet services at residential house parties to multimillion-dollar events. Parking management and cash collection for over 10k person events was our next milestone of success.

Our efforts and staff are continuously expanding in order to provide the best high-end automotive experiences for our community. Lakeland Valet attended SEMA 2019 to personally meet with the top companies we choose to use in our high-end detailing services. We have also began expanding into Dealership Porter Services and proudly obtained Audi Lakeland as our first dealership.

Soon to come will be a transportation service that will give our clients 5 star service, private airport, and concierge services.

Lakeland Valet provides the most high-end options for automotive detailing with 100% steam, ceramic coating, and automobile warranties. We strive for excellence in every area. Our excellent services are offered at competitive prices with employees that are respectful, trustworthy, and SAFE.


Our staff is trained on all makes and models of automobiles including the most unique cars. You can trust your car is in the absolute best of hands whether it’s a luxury brand, sports car, or a minivan.

We are dedicated to providing consistently high client satisfaction. We deliver the type of parking and event solutions that customers demand and from which they can receive these benefits:

  • Short of rolling out the red carpet, guests receive a 5 star “VIP” type of treatment. Guests are politely greeted by a parking attendant for a pleasant un-rushed experience from start to finish.
  • Cars are safely parked according to all relevant laws and prevailing rules. Having cars parked professionally can eliminate self-parkers from parking on both sides of the street, creating a dangerous, narrow one-way street.
  • No need to limit your guest list because of lack of parking, we can take care of the cars. We will make the most efficient use of space and can remotely park cars much farther than guests would prefer to walk.
  • Keeping neighbors and the community happy and safe with professionally managed parking is nice, but providing necessary cover for arrival and departure in the rain will make you the hero for hiring valet services!
Lakeland Valet - Hustle on our feet


We aim to provide clients with not only the high-quality service, but also the highest level of customer service when they hire us.