Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - 3 Year Warranty

Why GlassParency Is The Best Glass Coating Car Treatment in the Automotive Industry:

  • One-time application
  • Professionally installed
  • There is no cure time. It’s instant and customers can drive away immediately, even in the rain!
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Included maintenance formula
  • Free membership in our SMS and email campaign
  • Increases visibility in the rain, at night and during snow
  • Increased driver reaction time by up to 34%
  • Optically improves clarity of glass
  • Reduces night and day time glare
  • Keeps glass clean and pristine
  • Increases the overall safety of the driver and passengers

Application Options

Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Automotive


Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Commercial


Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Marine


Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Business


Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Solar

Solar Panels

Glassparency Authorized Installer - Lakeland Valet - Shower


Product Durability

Glassparency has put their product to the ultimate test to illustrate the true performance of their glass treatment. They have simulated visibility in nearly ever inclement weather situation and found that you will see a significant difference between the a treated piece of glass verses untreated. A Glassparency treated glass forces water to repel instantaneously when it hits the glass. This allows for a substantially more visible windshield than when left untreated. Check out the video on this page to see the difference.

The Application Process

GlassParency is a two-part chemical application that is engineered only to react to glass (silica). Unlike many other products on the market, GlassParency is not a wax or topical treatment. It is a long term solution for perfecting your glass.

Prior to the application, your vehicles glass will under go a cleansing process. The releasing agents in the cleansing chemical will ensure that the pores of the glass are contaminant free to improve the  bonding process.

First, Chemical A is applied to the glass. Chemical A reacts to silica, growing a substrate within the pores of the glass. Next is Chemical B. Chemical B reacts directly to Chemical A, forming an ultra-hydrophobic barrier.

The Warranty

Our patented hydrophobic glass coating is a one-time application that includes a 3-year warranty. The two-step professionally installed application creates a barrier to repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt creating a resistant and easy to clean surface. Some of the major benefits include enhanced optical clarity, better driver vision, safety for the driver and all passengers, a reduction in day and night glare, and a more aesthetically appealing look to your vehicle glass.