Lakeland Valet - Fortador Steam Wash

Steam Cleans & Disinfects Better Than Water!
Lakeland Valet Mobile Detailing offers the best tools and products for everyone, as easy as 1-2-3-TOTAL STEAM!

We give the most Bang for your Buck, Period.

Fortador Steam Cleans, Washes, Disinfects, and delivers two detergents with a micro-infusing steam Diesel Hybrid made by Lamborghini Caloreclima.

 Most Powerful Steam Cleaner on the market!

     Disinfects                        Saves Time                  No Harsh Chemicals
Penetrates Dirt                  Saves Water                  No Waste Water   
       Eco Friendly Cleaners                                                   Eliminates Oder              

232 PSI STEAM @ 273 degrees of Professional Steam Extraction

An average car wash uses 30gl of H2O.
Our Steam cleaning system uses just 2gl of H2O