Welcome to Lakeland Valet & Mobile Detailing

LAKELAND VALET & MOBILE DETAILING is an innovative, forward thinking company that offers reliable, timely, and safe parking management services, mobile detailing, and porter services.

We are dedicated to customer service and give our patrons service that is prompt and professional. Our excellent service is offered at a competitive price with employees that are respectful, trustworthy, and SAFE.

Mobile Auto Care Services

Lakeland Valet Mobile Detailing is an Authorized Installer & Warranty Provider of Transparent by Glassparency & Fortador Steam Wash. In addition to our incredible detailing service, we offer: Ceramic Coating & Rim Protection. 

The Transparent Warranty by Glassparency offers coverage above and beyond your standard vehicle warranty. The value is in the name; with completely transparent warranties, car owners are aware of all aspects of our process including coverage, pricing, and claims. Transparent provides simple, streamlined protection giving you peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.

Transparent delivers comprehensive protection to new and used vehicles. With no deductible or out of pocket expense and unified pricing based on where you live and what you drive, you will be aware of exactly how much you are paying for coverage. To mitigate upfront costs for customers, we offer a flex pay option that allows you to make payments over time. In the event a repair is required, we will provide rental car reimbursement up to 3 days to ensure you are not inconvenienced. Our goal is to make protecting your vehicle as effortless as possible.

Valet Services

We work with our clients to customize an effective parking solution.

From one-time events to frequent, flexible contract work.

Our Mission


  • Respecting our customers and community.
  • Going the extra mile, to make our reputation the best in the business.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and proudly serve Polk County!
  • Zero accidents, zero damage, zero misplaced keys EVER.

We are dedicated to providing consistently high client satisfaction. We deliver the type of parking and event solutions that customers demand and from which they can receive these benefits:

– Short of rolling out red carpet, guests receive a 5 star “VIP” type of treatment. Guests are politely greeted by a parking attendant for a pleasant unrushed experience from start to finish.

– Cars are all safely parked according to all relevant laws and prevailing rules. Having cars parked professionally can eliminate self-parkers from parking on both sides of the street, creating a dangerous, narrow one-way street.

– No need to limit your guest list because of lack of parking, we can take car of the cars. We will make the most efficient use of space and can remotely park cars much farther than guests would prefer to walk.

– Keeping neighbors and the community happy and safe by cars being professionally managed is nice, but providing necessary cover for arrival and departure in the rain will make you a hero for hiring valet.

The Problem We Solve

Event Types

  • VIP guest parking services
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events   
  • Public / Private Events & Fundraisers
  • Country clubs (events, contracts available)
  • Restaurants (events, contracts available)
  • Church events (events, contracts available)
  • Porter Services (for dealerships)
  • Transportation (coming soon)
  • Mobile Detailing including Rim Repair & Ceramic Coating