Why Us?

We are Lakeland and Central Florida’s Premier Parking Company. We are the Official Valet Company of Downtown Lakeland. If you are in need of parking services for your event, country club, restaurant, or church, we are here for you!

We work with our clients to customize an effective parking solution.


  • Respecting our customers and community.
  • Going the extra mile, to make our reputation the best in the business.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and proudly serve Polk County!
  • Zero accidents, zero damage, zero misplaced keys EVER.

How We Can Help

Contracting valet parking services might be cheaper than you think for your establishment. This relatively low cost amenity provides visual prestige to your establishment and can help with ease of access for handicapped and elderly guests. It’s also a real amenity in the rain or extreme Florida heat.

Our custom tailored parking solutions will be the perfect fit, whatever your needs; whether it’s your busy season or just specific days or nights or even one-off events. We offer flexible contract agreements that fit your budget and needs. Whether it’s a restaurant, country club, church, or hotel we will always go the extra mile to make your guests comfortable and happy. To know more and get started, give us a call at 863-774-PARK or fill out an inquiry.

Events We Service

  • Single, Weekly, Monthly Events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events   
  • Public / Private Events & Fundraisers
  • Country Clubs (events, contracts available)
  • Restaurants (events, contracts available)
  • Church Events (events, contracts available)
  • Porter Services (for dealerships)
  • Transportation (coming soon)

Select A Valet Service

What's the Difference Between The Two?

Valet Parking: is VIP style parking, where your guests pull up to our booth and, after greeting them, we park their car securely & safely for them. And then retrieve the vehicle and bring it back to the pick-up point upon their request. We also have an integrated text platform for guest to text us to request retrieval, so that there is zero waiting!

Parking Management: Think Theme Park Style Parking….Parking Management means that we guide your guests through an organized parking flow, into a parking space. This process helps streamline your guest experience, so that your event parking is not sloppy and chaotic. And it allows you to maximize all available space, small or large. 

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